Duct/Gaff Tape Art

 These pieces are made with duct or gaff tape.

Click on an image to see full size and details.


Andrew                                                                                MHHB

The Big 5                                                                         Spilled Tape


The Dude                                                                        Cow

Chicken                                                                            Chasen

Mother Teresa                                                               Paul McCartney (Sub Zero)

Marian the Chicken                                                     The Birds of Night

Ringo (Smoking)                                                           Jane Fonda

Rhino                                                                               Commissioned Art

Wildebeest                                                                     Marc Bolan

Bananas                                                                           John Lennon

Bulldog                                                                            Robert Duvall

Bob Dylan                                                                        Yoko Ono

George Harrison (Cowboy Hat)                                Elton John

Clint Eastwood                                                             Ellen Degeneres

Meryl Streep                                                                  Bear

Hitchcock and His Blondes                                        Johnny Cash

Ana                                                                                    Old Man

JFK                                                                                    Ringo Starr

Native American                                                          Paul McCartney

George Harrison                                                          Teddy Roosevelt

David Bowie                                                                  Steve Irwin


George Harrison (Smoking)                                      Ross Perot

Bill CosbyJimi Hendrix

Bill Cosby                                                                         Jimi Hendrix

Walt Disney970140_10200268378978726_992729817_n

Walt Disney                                                                    Bob Hope

Edward R. MurrowOrson Welles

Edward R. Murrow                                                       Orson Welles

Lucille BallAlfred Hitchcock

Lucille Ball                                                                      Alfred Hitchcock

Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz


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